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PT Jayatech Palmindo

PT Jayatech Palmindo was established in 2002 in Medan as the head office and 3 more branches including Pekanbaru, Sampit & Pontianak. The growth of Palm oil industry in Indonesia has been our vision and mission to serve our customer better. Products and parts we supply such as : WANG YUEN screw press and digester, NOVENCO Fan and Heater, ERIEZ Vibratory Feeder, ERIEZ Magnetic Plate, ELEKTRIM EMM Elektromotor, EMI Sludge Centrifuge, EMI Empty Bunch Press, EMI Empty Bunch Crusher, JP Digester, JP Ripplemill, JP Sand Cyclone, JP Brush Strainer, JP Vibrating Screen, ALPHA Fluid Coupling. With the full supports from our principles, PT Jayatech Palmindo has been one of the leading company for palm oil trading & service industry accross Indonesia.

Your Reliable Partner for Palm Oil Machinery
Warehouse "stockist"

PT. Jayatech Palmindo is one of the largest stockist of equipments & spareparts for Palm Oil Machineries, as commitment and our mission to serve the needs of our customers throughout Indonesia. To ensure our customers get a stock of goods as soon as possible then PT. Jayatech Palmindo do stockist in Medan, Sampit and Pontianak. Stockists at headquarters is the largest field with various products such as chain, pump, heater, electromotor, spare screw press and digesters and other products.

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What we can offer you

Monitoring at Site

Monitoring at site consists of Commissioning, Free of Charge Inspection and TroubleShooting At Site learn more

Our Workshop

Workshop PT. Jayatech Palmindo headquarters located in Medan precisely in the industrial area learn more

QC Check

To ensure the products are supplied to a customer in good condition and according to specifications, learn more

Our Customers
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