Flowserve SIHI Channel Pumps

Flowserve SIHI Side Channel Pumps

  • CEH 1201 … 6108
  • CEH 1202/5 … 6108/5
  • CEH 1202/7 … 6107/7

Flowserve SIHI Technical Data

  • Capacity : dari 0,4 sampai 35 m³/h
  • Head : dari 10 sampai 354m
  • Speed : 1450 rpm (max. 1800 rpm)
  • Temperature : max. 120°C, max. 180°C for high temperature design
  • (higher temperatures upon request)
  • Casing pressure : PN 40
  • Shaft seal : Stuffing box or Mechanical seal
  • Flange connections : DIN 2501/PN 40
  • Direction of rotation : anti-clockwise, (when seen from the drive end)

Flowserve SIHI Application

The Sterling Flowserve SIHI CEHA pump is a self-priming side channel pump capable of
handling gas along with the medium and operates at a low noise level

Flowserve SIHI Design

The Sterling Flowserve SIHI pumps of the series CEHA have a segmental type construction
with open van wheel impellers. This combination pump is suited with a centrifugal stage
in serial connection before the side channel stages to obtain a more favourable NPSH

Casing pressure of Flowserve SIHI

  • Maximum 40 bar from -40°C up to +120°C
  • Maximum 32 bar from +120°C up to +180°C
  • Pressure stage for temperature as per DIN EN 1333

Flanges of Flowserve SIHI

The flanges correspond to DIN EN 1092-2/PN40

Bearings of Flowserve SIHI
One grease lubricated ball bearing according to DIN 6525 and one liquid surrounded sleeve
bearing. The bearing is greased for life.

Flowserve SIHI Direction of rotation
Anti-clockwise, when looking from the drive end

Flowserve SIHI Shaft Sealing
The shaft can be sealed by a stuffing box or mechanical seal conform DIN EN 12756

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